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About Me

My name is Patrick Verzele.

I was born in a small town near Antwerp in Belgium.

I am a young and innovative developer. At first I was only interested in web development, but by the years my love for VOIP technologies (VOIP using SIP in particular) has developed.

Currently I am working for a telecoms called IOVOX. I started at IOVOX as a web developer. Together with my colleagues we built IOVOX's analytics portal. During this time I have learned - and used my knowledge in practice - a lot about MySQL database optimization and performing extended analytics on available data. After a year and a half of web development I grew further into the company. I was honored to be able to start working on our voice applications. And now, at the time of this writing, I am only doing voice development using SIP for IOVOX.

My skill set includes:

Others of my skills are Java, Ruby, Python and VB.NET.

Next to my programming background I have a big knowledge of networking and hardware.

I am not a complete nerd though, I also have an unspoken passion for classic cars and beer.

I own a Triumph Spitfire 1500 built in late 1977. People who know me in person could call my car my second love.

In the small amounts of free time I get, I spend time brewing my own beer, and of course tasting and comparing lots of beers (preferably Belgian beers).

Skill Cloud

OpenSIPS Zend Framework JavaScript HTML VB.NET AJAX jQuery MySQL MariaDB PHPUnit phpMyAdmin Linux CSS VOIP Selenium SIP MVC Asterisk XML Java PHP CSS 3 Apache HTML 5 Ruby Perl MongoDB Python


From 2009-09-22 until 2011-08-14
Applied Informatics at Karel de Grote-Hogeschool
Antwerpen, Belgium
Received CCNA level 1 certificate. Focus on Java OOP and web development.
Karel de Grote-Hogeschool
From 2007-09-03 until 2009-06-30
Applied Informatics at KTA Wollemarkt
Mechelen, Belgium
Graduated with price for Best Thesis. Focus on Java, VB.NET, PHP & MySQL.
KTA Wollemarkt
From 2005-09-01 until 2007-06-30
Science-Mathematics at Heilig-Hartscholen
Heist-op-den-Berg, Belgium
From 2003-09-01 until 2005-06-30
Latin-Mathematics at Heilig-Hartscholen
Heist-op-den-Berg, Belgium

Work Experience

From 2014-01-01 until now
Senior Developer at IOVOX
London, United Kingdom
Building and maintaining voice over IP systems in a high transaction environment.
From 2011-08-16 until 2014-01-01
Developer at IOVOX
London, United Kingdom
Web development until March 2013.
  • Advanced Javascript and AJAX
  • PHP and MySQL
  • MVC in Zend
  • Voice Technology
Voice development from March 2013.
  • Building voice applications
From 2010-07-01 until 2010-07-31
Student Worker at Casa International
Itegem, Belgium
Goods receiving department. I had to empty the lorries and then place all the goods on the correct place in the warehouse.
From 2009-08-01 until 2011-07-31
Student Worker at Brantano
Heist-op-den-Berg, Belgium
Sales. I was the front line of the sales cycle every Sunday. I was helping customers from the moment they came in the store until they left with their purchased goods.
From 2009-05-14 until 2009-05-31
Internship - Developer at Valco Soft
Wiekevorst, Belgium
Programming in VB.NET and PHP using MsSQL and MySQL databases, monitoring retrospect back-up servers.
I developped the following product during this internship:
  • Back-up monitor:

    Valco Soft did the installation and maintenance of RetroSpect back-up software for their customers. Every back-up sent an e-mail on success and different e-mails on failure. They needed an application which analysed these e-mails and was able to show the state of the RetroSpect servers per customer. I have built a VB.NET service which reads out the e-mail from an iMAP server and keeps track of the status in a MsSQL database. Then I have built a web page which uses this MsSQL database to give extended information about the status of the back-up servers.

Valco Soft
From 2008-07-01 until 2009-04-30
Student Worker - Developer at Valco Soft
Wiekevorst, Belgium
Hardware replacements, phone support. Programming in VB.NET and PHP, using MySQL and MsSQL databases.
I developped the following products and designed the databases for those products:
  • Website

    I have designed the website and build a CMS system behind it for easy maintenance. The CMS system allows the administrator to edit the CSS and all the pages.

  • License manager:

    Valco Soft is an official reseller of Norman, Microsoft and other products. They were in need of a web application to maintain and keep track of the licenses which were sold. The licenses had to be automatically purchased from the suppliers and linked to the company who bought them.

Valco Soft
From 2007-07-01 until 2008-06-30
Student Worker at Colruyt Group
Heist-op-den-Berg, Belgium
Supplement shelves in the freezer
Colruyt Group